Top 10 Paradise Valley Luxury Home Features

Top 10 Paradise Valley Luxury Home Features

August 14, 2023
By: Staff

Top 10 Features to Look for in a Paradise Valley Luxury Home

Paradise Valley is the premiere location for luxury homes. Ranking as the richest city in Arizona, it’s conveniently nestled in between Scottsdale and Phoenix. Location is just one of the many reasons why more people are heading to the desert to find luxury living.

The homes in Paradise Valley are stunning. They combine natural beauty with modern design to create something unique that isn’t found anywhere else. Arizona offers a gorgeous desert backdrop that is just as breathtaking as the climate is comfortable. The houses feature one-of-a-kind elements with details that make these properties truly luxurious.

New Paradise Valley luxury home projects are underway and promise to introduce more innovation, comfort, and prestige to the community. What features should you expect when exploring the many lavish estates found here?

Fascinating Water Features

Water features are both recreation and decoration. Paradise Valley luxury homes showcase this well with fascinating use of water. Unique swimming pools are combined with beautiful patio spaces and decorative elements.

A lazy river is planned for WOW’s famous Palo Cristi Estate. The property will also feature a water slide and an outdoor cinema pool.

The Palo Crisi Estate is an example of high-end custom luxury living in Arizona.

Access to the Best Golf Courses

Paradise Valley and its surrounding towns are known for many things, but perhaps the most prominent of those amenities is golf. The area is home to renowned courses. Some neighborhoods are built along golf courses, putting residents close to the action.

This is truly a golfer's dream. Residents are never far from great golfing, with courses including:


With so much golfer appeal, luxury homes are constructed with features like indoor golf simulators that help residents engage in their favorite pastimes. Practice your swing at home when you don’t have time to head to the golf course.

Gorgeous Desert and Mountain Views

Paradise Valley, Arizona has one thing that many other communities in the United States don’t have: amazing views of the desert and mountains.

Paradise Valley luxury homes command scenic views of Camelback Mountain to the south and the McDowell Mountains to the east. Hiking trails of varied difficulty are accessible throughout the community so that outdoorsy people can explore the local ecosystem.

You don’t have to climb a mountain to appreciate Paradise Valley’s natural beauty. Luxury homes here feature desert landscaping with cacti, rocks, and other beautiful flora. The region sees 294 days of sunshine annually, giving residents more nice days to go outside and take in the scenery.

Nearly Limitless Entertaining Space

Entertaining is an important part of luxury living. The homes in Paradise Valley are built with this in mind. They feature ample space for seating, gathering, and celebrating with guests and include fireplaces and firepits to enhance the atmosphere.

Many also feature multiple kitchens and wet bars for preparing food and beverages for parties. Mingle with guests near the bar or lounge on the patio.

These spacious properties provide ample indoor square footage with multiple bedrooms for overnight guests. Our upcoming Palo Cristi Estate will contain 16 bathrooms and 13 bedrooms, including one bedroom in the guardhouse and another in the attached casita.

At-Home Spa and Sauna

Paradise Valley boasts many prestigious resort spas. Residents who prefer to stay home will appreciate the spa and sauna features included in many properties. Common finds include massage rooms, saunas, and even invigorating snow rooms.

Having options makes it easier to get spa and sauna time in even when you have a busy schedule. Visit a local spa or stay home and enjoy all that luxury living has to offer.

Technology and Entertainment Combined

Technology and entertainment are closely connected in today’s world. This is reflected in the recent additions made by luxury home builders.

Paradise Valley’s homes include at-home theaters, Metaverse rooms, recording studios, and more. You’ll find the most advanced technological features included in the newest properties. Those looking to build a custom home should talk to WOW Properties to learn more about available tech features.

Ample Space for Car Collectors

Car collectors will rejoice when they see the many properties offering storage and display space for their vehicles. Many include enormous garages that can house multiple cars. Palo Cristi Estate, for example, will have enough garage space for up to 15 cars.

Some include lifts to move cars into and out of display spaces, which are visible from inside the home. Protect your car collection and show it off for guests to admire.

Home Fitness and Sports

Fitness is important. That’s why many of the newest Paradise Valley luxury homes include fitness and sports features.

Some of the best finds are bowling lanes, pickleball courts, shooting ranges, and home gyms. It’s easy to get a workout in, even on days when you don’t have time to go outside and hike a mountain trail or play on a local golf course.

Workspace for Professionals

A stronger emphasis was placed on working from home after COVID-19. Whether you do it all the time or only occasionally, it’s good to know you can be productive at home.

Luxury homes in Paradise Valley feature workspaces for professionals. There are libraries, conference rooms, and offices. Host in-person or online meetings in a professional setting. You can do so with comfort and convenience while making a lasting impression on coworkers, business partners, or clients – especially when the windows in the background command mountain views.

Expansive Living Space

Paradise Valley luxury homes are known for their expansive living space. There’s room for families of all sizes as well as households that frequently host guests.

Palo Cristi Estate is particularly impressive, with a massive 40,000 square feet of living area. WOW is also working on another Palo Cristi Estates property that is listed at $15,400,000 and includes 7,808 square feet.

Paradise Valley luxury homes offer a long list of features that keep growing.

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